Welcome to Message of Hope

Encouraging Weary Hearts With Christ-Centered Music

We have spent countless hours practicing, traveling, recording, and practicing some more. We hope that the Lord Jesus Christ will be honored in all of our efforts, and that your heart will be encouraged by the message of hope in the songs that we sing. Our focus is on giving programs in churches and prisons, and where ever else God leads us. As our repertoire grows, we expect to continue to produce more recordings as appropriate.

We are committed to keeping this as a not-for-profit organization. All proceeds from CD sales are used to cover the expenses of production, and other expenses directly incurred by the costs of group travel for recording or ministry.  

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"What A Wondrous Love" - Listen to samples from our CD
  1. Holy Ground 0:31
  2. Glory Hallelu 0:30
  3. Good News 0:31
  4. Tiny Little Baby 0:29
  5. Along the Rugged Roadside 0:29
  6. In the Cold Dark Tomb 0:31
  7. Christ Arose 0:27
  8. Wayside Wells 0:30
  9. Christ Our Rock 0:29
  10. Holy Highway 0:30
  11. Will it be You? 0:29
  12. When Jesus Comes 0:30
  13. Everybody Will be Happy 0:32
  14. The Heavenly Parade 0:31
  15. Benediction 0:15
How We Started

A Brief History

Message of Hope was started in 2013 by Aaron Knepp. Aaron enjoys singing, and wanted to share in a group that was willing to focus on singing with excellence. By fall of 2014, the group gave its first series of programs. The group originally started with 10 men, but eventually ended up with 8. All the current members of the group have been with the group since early 2015. In early 2015, the group did its first tour.  After several tours, the dream of recording an album was born, and in September 2016 we all made a pilgrimage to Altar of Praise in Lancaster, PA. Several days in the studio taught us a lot about how hard other groups have worked! Our first 1000 CDs landed in our hands on June 16, 2017. Our second order for 1000 CDs has already been placed. We are grateful for your interest and support.

What We're Doing Now

Preparing for Our Next Album

If you're wondering whether we plan to produce another album, we are! We are working on a list of new songs, and expect to do some local programs as well as another tour in the fall of 2017. We plan to record our next album in the summer of 2018. If you would like to have us come sing for your church, please let us know.